how does Junk Removal work

​Once Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal has finished loading all your junk onto the truck, you will be asked to look at the load with us and we agree on how full the truck is.  Using the price list above, we will figure out what will be your total amount owing, its that easy!

*Important*  Load sizes could vary and be between two sizes listed above. But Don’t worry, Your total amount owing will be adjusted accordingly.  An example could be if the junk load is more than a 1/4 load but under a half 1/2 load the final charge could be $180.  It is impossible for us to overcharge!!!!

Unsure how much junk you have? Please Phone for a free quote!
(778) 771-4222 All prices include Dumping Fees!!!

We provide 1.5 hours of labour with one worker or 45 min of labour with two workers per full load.  Additional loading charges for excess loading time may apply if junk is not accessible or close to the truck.

these prices do not include removal of concrete, dirt, drywall etc. for more information on removal of these type of materials, please call.