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Maple Ridge Junk removal specialists.

Maple ridge junk removal started with a spray paint junk removal sign at the side of lougheed hwy in Maple Ridge way back in 2003.  We are now the number 1 Maple Ridge Junk removal company in Maple Ridge and the lower mainland.  We recently were recognized as Maple Ridge junk removal’s BEST junk removal business on   Our 5 star review on Facebook and google+ also show our expertise in Maple Ridge Junk Removal.

Our Maple Ridge junk removal team services all of Maple Ridge.

we service the entire area of Maple Ridge for Jun removal.  It doesn’t matter if you need junk removal in Hammond, Haney, Albion, or whonnock.  Our Maple Ridge Junk Removal team is ready to tackle anything.  We just recently removed 7 tonnes of junk from a farm in maple ridge.  It doesn’t matter if you have a single couch junk removal job or a full estate clean out.  we can handle it all.

Maple Ridge junk removal for businesses.

You can often find our Maple Ridge Junk Removal team in the Maple Ridge industrial park removing junk from warehouses and other business through Maple Ridge.  We also work with realtors in the area to help speed up transactions and make them run smoother when Junk removal becomes an issue.

Our Maple Ridge Junk removal team clean up after our competitors!

Our competitors can’t compete with our Maple Ridge junk removal team.  we are often cleaning up after legal dumping.  These videos can be found on our facebook page.  In recent Maple ridge junk removal news,  we were hired to clean up a junk removal job in Maple Ridge after a Got Junk truck tried to charge a customer an exuberant amount.  we were called out and did the removal for a fraction of the cost!

Why use our Maple Ridge Junk Removal Team?

There is nothing more reassuring than when you hire someone for your Maple Ridge junk removal and you know that the job will be complete on time and with up from rates!  Our Maple Ridge Junk Removal Team have the best reviews when compared to ANY of our competitors.  Our rates are fair, and our work is professional.  Our Maple Ridge junk removal team is ready when you are.  Click here to book an appointment

The Work We Do At Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal

Big Phil’s Rubbish removal is the best choice for the lower mainlands junk removal needs.
Every day is different and there is nothing that we can’t handle.

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Most importantly, call us for all your junk removal inquiries! With a low starting price of $60, you can’t go wrong!

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junk and rubbish removal, as well as scrap car removal.

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