When you talk about winter in Lower Mainland, a lot of things come to your mind—this could mean rain, massive flooding, ice, power outages, snow or wind. It is essential to understand the City’s operation during these events, what your responsibilities are and what you should do when there is an emergency. This post will guide you through.

Current Situation

Feb. 25 – 9 a.m.

There is no doubt that this city has enough snowfall. According to reports, Austin Service center was covered by 24 cm of snow. But the warning is over now, and people should expect the better part of the day to be cloudy with some showers later in the afternoon. Some more flurries of snow will be inevitable with higher elevations.

Priority 1 roads are clear. Local roads will have to be cleaned all Sunday.

Snow Removal Priorities

The more significant public safety always comes first when it comes to snow removal. This is why roads within the city are always plowed according to a priority system during a snow event. So public transportation access is up on this list.

Priority 1 – Maintain accessibility for all emergency vehicles. Transits on the collector, emergency, and arterial, bus routes that link to significant sections are also prioritized.

Priority 2 – Safe travel routes come second and should also be maintained. Vehicles on streets termed as Priority 2 routes should also have access. This includes non-arterial and collector routes that give access to learning institutions, health centers and subzones with more local roads. So as long as grades exceed 10% during storm and icing condition, then they become a priority. Event intensity, duration or severity are an example of factors that may contribute to delay in Priority 2 route response.

Priority 3 – Vehicles on all remaining routes should have safe travel and be accessible. Also clearing these roads may be advanced or delayed. It all depends on the weather event’s severity, duration, and intensity.

It is essential to understand that the city does not maintain private roads. So it goes without saying that homeowners will have to contact their Property Management Company or Strata to work on their roads.

Resident Responsibilities

According to a city of Coquitlam snow removal bylaw, you have a right to better services during winter weather event. So to give you these services you need, remember these points:

To avoid flooding during rain or heavy wind, clear the catch basin in front of your home.

Residents must also clear the sidewalk within 10 hours after a snowfall. With a shovel, clear and dump it to the back of your driveway. One mistake most homeowners do is to shovel the snow onto the street. Typically when the plow clears roads, it ends up pushing this snow back to your driveway and sidewalk.

If you find it a challenge to shovel the snow, our snow Angels will come in handy to help you out.

Garbage truck finds it hard to get into your street when the snowfall is heavy. In such cases, it is advisable to bring carts in that night then put them out the following morning. There are chances your cart will not be collected. It that happens, bring it back in until your next scheduled collection day.

The city restricts parking in some areas as from Dec. 1 to Feb. 15. For full details, be sure go through “Parking” FAQs below

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