Skytrain Expansion to Langley, BC


​There has been talking for some time about whether or not a Skytrain expansion should go to Langley, BC. Many people argue that a simple bus system to transport people from Langley to the already existing SkyTrain would suffice. While that may solve the problem of access to the Skytrain, this, however, does not solve the significant congestion problem they have between Surrey and Langley as a result of an ever-growing population.

Skytrain Expansion Plans

Skytrains, unlike regular transit, run either above or below existing roads. Which in turn doesn’t narrow the roads like a light rail would and helps ease some of the heavy traffic. So, if expanding the Skytrain will alleviate the traffic then why funding has been put on hold for the past two years? This is because the provincial government would slightly extend the light rail from Surrey to Langley. They would rather wait on making converting light rail to the Skytrain. The conversion its self would cost them an extra billion dollars, and they aren’t sure that it is the best choice. Though the provincial government isn’t on board with extending the Skytrain, the municipal leaders are. They see the benefit of adding a rapid transit down the Fraser Highway into Langley. They are well aware of the price and believe the benefits of alleviating the significant congestion by providing a rapid transit option is well worth it.

Skytrain For Surrey

There is now a group called Skytrain for Surrey that is openly opposing the light rail despite the federal government’s willingness to foot the significant part of the bill. They believe that the light rail just isn’t the best way to go. They believe it will be their most expensive mistake their regions history if the light rail proposal were to go into effect. There have been many petitions going out from the group fighting to persuade the provincial government to change their minds.

Langley Skytrain Plan

The proposal of the Skytrain expansion is most definitely not a new one. Both the provincial and federal governments along with local municipalities have been discussing this expansion since 2010. This is a huge decision, and both sides come at a cost. If the light rail is built, it will cost millions of dollars and has potential not even to fix the real issue. It may turn out to be a costly temporary fix to the more significant problem. The Skytrain, on the other hand, is exponentially more expensive and depending on the technology being used to become outdated shortly requiring further updates which will cost even more. But on the flip side, the Skytrain could be the permanent solution they have been looking for to alleviate the extreme congestion between Surrey and Langley. While the future of the Skytrain expansion is still unclear, it is most definitely not off the table. In the upcoming year, there is expected to be a solid budget plan put in place, and an actual decision will be made shortly.

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