Compare our reviews to our competitors reviews!!!!

Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal Prides itself on the fact that we have the BEST reviews in the industry.  We challenge you to do your research.  Look up our competitors reviews…They will not compare.  The best place to look at reviews is on the companies Facebook page or google+ page.  These reviews are put in by the costumers themselves and are not filtered by the business.  It is VERY important, while looking at these reviews to pay attention to the dates the reviews were posted and the names of the people who posted the reviews.  If you notice a bunch of reviews within a short time span with no reviews done before or after the time span, they are probably bogus reviews done by friends or family of the owner.   Pay attention to the names of the people who wrote the reviews.  If you see a lot of the same last names, it should raise a red flag.  I have even seen some reviews of my competitors written by the owner themselves!  You want to see glowing reviews spread out over a length of time.  All Of Big Phil’s Rubbish Removals reviews are 100% genuine from people like you.  Make sure you are comfortable with who you hire.  Do your research…We have nothing to hide.

Be Careful Who You Choose.

When choosing a Rubbish removal Company, please keep this in mind.  You may find unusually cheap prices.  But be aware.  It is sad, but true that Their are companies that dump YOUR GARBAGE in forests/parks, ditches, parking lots etc.  We clean up after these companies all the time.  If you choose to use one of these companies and your garbage is traced back to you, you could be fined as much as $2000 per offence by the municipality.  Please report any such offences to your local police.  Lets all work together and keep our environment clean.  Call someone you can count on getting the job done right.  (778) 771-4222.

The Rubbish Money Grab

​Some companies offer loads for $50+dumping fees.  Make sure you ask for the truck dimensions, and what a dumping fee might cost per load.  Their minimum dumping charge is often $20-$40.  Once you add it all together your paying more than our minimum charge of $60.  Call someone you can depend on.  778-771-4222.

Make More Money When Selling Your House.

Are you selling your house?  Did you know that if you hired us to clean up the junk around your house you would add thousands to the sale of your house?  Not to mention it will increase the time it takes to sell.  removal of one full truck load could make a huge difference.  Your going to have to get rid of the junk when you move anyways!  So why not do it before you sell and then sell for more money.  Be in the right position and increase your selling power.  Contact us at (778) 771-4222.

Chemicals and Paints.​

​Depending on the materials and the city you are in, we may be able to assist you with the proper disposal of these items.   It is a good thing to note that these are a free item that you can bring into general stores or return it depots.  By you doing it yourself for free, it saves you money.

Save Money

​To save money try and have your junk removal items ready with easy access.  this will save time during loading and and make sure you don’t go over the free loading time included in our rates.

Rental and Tennant Clean Ups

​Big Phil’s Rubbish has assisted with the junk removal clean up of rental suits from privately owned basement and apartment suits to full houses and strata units.  Please call us for more information. 778-771-4222.

Estate Clean Ups.

​The loss of a loved one can be quite overwhelming, making any job at task seam unmanigable.  Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal has helped with the junk removal clean up of many estate clean ups.  from apartments to full 2 story houses.  We can also assist you with options on where to sell valuables from the estate.  for more info, please call (778) 771-4222.