Techniques for Safe Junk Removal


Industrialized cities often experience problems when it comes to waste disposal. Bulky trash and toxic wastes like radio-active materials can cause irreparable damage to the environment in addition to posing a hazard to human health if left unattended. It is also not unusual to find people sustaining injuries during trash removal.

Most injuries are sustained when loading heavy bags onto the back of the carrier that transports the trash to the dumpster. The weight of the junk can also cause injuries as worker attempts to lift them off the ground. Here are some critical rubbish removal guidelines that will ensure safety during waste disposal.

Handling Dangerous Wastes

When most people think about harmful waste, the first elements that comes to their minds are chemicals and medicals wastes like needles. However, other substances like solid human waste and industrial cleansers emanating from business premises are equally hazardous. These carry toxins and bacteria that can adversely affect your health. With that in mind, ensure to wear thick gloves when handling trash cans or when transferring junk from one can to the other.

Safety When Lifting

Lifting heavy loads can cause physical injuries especially when you fail to exercise caution. For instance, you need to test the load before lifting it to avoid straining your back. Get help if the weight is too heavy and if you feel like you can raise it, ensure that you use proper lifting techniques. Such include bending your knees and keeping your back straight when lowering or picking up trash. When placing the garbage in a bin, do not use one hand to hold the lid and the other to lift the waste. Instead, open the top wide and use both sides to raise the trash. Always put the trash bags close to your body when carrying them to prevent twisting motions that can cause injury.

Also, ensure that you isolate sharp objects before lifting the trash to prevent your body from sustaining lacerations and cuts. You can avoid having to raise heavy loads by frequently taking the garbage out to the garbage can or using smaller bags. It’s also imperative to adhere to the policies regarding the appropriate disposal of bulky waste while ensuring that sharp objects such as broken glasses are dumped separately.

Dumping the Trash

Depositing heavy trash bags into a dumpster requires a lot of effort, and it also involves awkward postures. This is because dumpsters are often taller than the average person. Therefore, you need to buy a step up a platform that will help you or your employees to get closer to the rim of the container. Ensure to instruct your workers to handle trash bags with their feet and entire body facing the dumpster and while standing as close as possible to the garbage can. They should also try and avoid twisting the trash bags sideways as much as possible. Injuries related to heavy loads can lead to severe and permanent injuries.

It’s, therefore, imperative to implement appropriate junk removal practices. Trash should also be handled while wearing protective gloves to avoid contacting dangerous bacteria while also preventing your hands from sustaining cuts. Both employer and business managers should form a culture that promotes safe and effective junk disposal.

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Decluttering: Storage or Junk Removal?


Cleaning out basements, attics, or basements can be hard work, and in some cases, you might expose yourself to mold, dust, and bacteria that can lead to infections. Without the right gear, you can get bitten by rodents or inhale mildew.

This is why junk removal companies are used all over the country: they are well equipped to clean and get rid of the junk in harsh environments. This includes cleaning apartments or homes where a hoarder used to live or removing the belongings of someone who just passed away.

There are many reasons why people use junk removal services. In many cases, some of the belongings can be stored in a self-storage unit or donated to those in need.

If you want to find out more why junk removal services are so popular and how can you benefit from them, read on.

A cluttered home can have an impact on your well-being

Being surrounded by clutter is a constant reminder you need to clean. Plus, it may slow you down when it comes to finding things or make you panic and feel embarrassed when someone is coming over to your place.

Junk can also attract mold, rodents, and disease into your home. Insects are also attracted to warm environments with dust. As a consequence, the more junk you have, the higher the chances of you living with bugs and cockroaches.

Not to mention, there are some diseases caused by having mold, rodents, and insects in your home.

When it’s time to call a professional

If you are too busy or can’t convince yourself to remove the junk, it’s time to call a professional.

In some cases, junk removal companies are contacted to clear houses that don’t have any junk but instead served as homes for loved ones who recently passed away.

Removing junk usually involves a lot of tough work, and in most cases, you need to protect yourself from bad smells and bacteria floating in the air.

But the more you wait, the higher the risk of getting sick. Junk removal workers have special gear that protects them during the removal process from bacteria, mold, rodents, and insects.

Also, removal companies make sure that your furniture and belongings get recycled or donated if they are still in good condition.

When junk is not junk

At times, the house is just cluttered, but there are no signs of insects, dust, or rodents in sight. Or it could be that the items can be saved and cleaned after the removal.

If you want to keep your home clutter free but at the same time you don’t want to give up some of your items, you can give a self-storage unit a try.

Self-storage units are a popular option not only for storing belongings but also for creating an alternative office or a workshop.

If during the junk removal process you need a new workshop or office, you can install one in a self-storage unit. In most indoor units, you have access to electricity and the internet as well.

After the junk removal process, the items that you choose to store need to be cleaned and inspected for any damages. Valuable items should be covered by insurance and stored in indoor units.

For example, furniture and clothes can be stored in an outdoor unit only if you cover the fabric and wood for dust protection.

Also, during the hot or cold seasons, the sudden temperature changes can damage your belongings. To prevent this from happening, choose a controlled climate unit.

Top 5 Things To Look For In A Junk Removal Company


We all want to get rid of the cumulative junk in our homes, so that we preserve the beauty, recycle and maintain the environment. Some services offer to take care of the things you no longer need, by providing safe and effective disposal.

It is natural for someone to get tempted to find effortless ways of getting rid of the items; some people take advantage of the organizations in the Lower Mainland Area, who make them off their hands to redistribute to others. It is not right at all because they do not need those that are overused but at least ones with that have a life.

There are two ways of getting off the junk; one takes to the curb on the appropriate day of the week for city garbage disposal or hires that service offering company. Below are top five things to look for in a junk removal company.


Consider a company that is well known from online sites that provide most ratings of the companies in your location. Sites like Yelp, Homestar and Angie’s List have reviews and ratings of most in your neighborhood. Also, Better Business Bureau rates a company’s customer satisfaction. Ensure that you go for a professional team with quality work.


How long do they take to respond? Nobody wants to stay with junks. Therefore, a company that has a quick response is what to go for plus; they should have proper tools and labor to get the job done professionally and within the right time frame.


Junk from the house does not operate into thin air, therefore, check for one that has a combination of both recycling policy and donation with the local organizations.

Professionalism in Service

The company should be able to remove all the unwanted without having to bag and drug. It should take ALL the unnecessary items; hence consider finding out their policy on hazardous items.


From all the quotes that you have received, avoid extremely high or extremely low. A right junk removalist will give you an estimate based on the approximate cubic meter of your junk and explain the inclusion and what’s not included. A company should provide the cost after the job is complete, with final amounts and weights. Finally read the contract thoroughly before you sign and pay attention to their policies of payment.

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Rent A Dumpster Or Hire A Junk Removal Company?


It does not matter if you are completing a renovation project, new construction, cleanout, and other projects there will be a great deal of waste built up. Renting a dumpster is needed for the job. You may be wondering if it is better to rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal company. There are some differences between them, and you can find out which one best fits your needs.

Renting a Dumpster

When you are looking to get rid of the debris on your own, you can rent a dumpster. All you need to do is contact a dumpster rental company and select the size you need. They will drop it off at your location, you will fill it up, and the company will come and take it away.

Depending on the town that you live in, you may need to get a permit. The rental company can help you with this as well.

Roll off dumpsters come in different sizes including 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards being the most common. When you rent a dumpster, the yards will be considered cubic yards which will determine the amount of junk the trash can hold.

Keep in mind that a 10-yard dumpster is a portion of food for a shed cleanout, and the 40-yard dumpster is needed for larger projects such as re-roofing a home. The rental company can help you select the size that will be right for your job.

Dumpster sizes you can choose from:

  • 10 yard
  • 20 yard
  • 30 yard
  • 40 yard

Many companies are turning to eco-friendly ways to remove waste. You may need recycling containers for your debris. This is necessary for cleans loads where the material can be recycled such as concrete or even asphalt shingles.

Once the dumpster is filled up it is going to be very heavy. You need to consider weight when looking at dumpsters. You need to make sure your driveway is protected, and you cannot exceed the weight limit of the dumpster container.

Protect Against Damage

A roll off dumpster weights several tons when it is filled up with debris. A layer of shingles off a roof that is 1,500 square feet can easily weight around 2 tons or 4,000 pounds. This heavy load may damage patios, yards, and even asphalt.

Many companies will recommend playing plywood or 2 x 4s under the dumpster when they drop it off to help prevent damage.

Weight Restrictions:

Dumpster rental companies enforce weight restrictions on their dumpsters. This is based on the regulations as well as the landfill fees when dumping the material. If you go over the weight limit, you may have to pay additional taxes.

When renting a dumpster be sure you understand all fees and restrictions. You should tell the company about your project and what the trash will be used for. It is a good idea to overestimate the load, so you do not go over the restriction limits.

Option #2: Hiring a Junk Removal Service

A junk removal company can help with cleanouts, construction debris, and another rubbish removal. They will take care of all the moving and the lifting.

Hiring a rubbish removal company is easy. You will schedule the date, pay, and enjoy a clean space. The cost of the service will be determined by the debris you need to be removed. You can even get a free on-site estimate.

Junk removal services can do heavy lifting such as appliances and can remove large amounts of debris. They will be careful to make sure they do not damage anything.

The majority of the companies will recycle the material they remove. They may donate gently used items to local charities and provide a tax-deductible receipt for you.

When to Rent a Dumpster:

  • When you need to load the container over time (usually within a week)
  • You do not mind lifting items yourself.
  • You need to remove at least seven cubic yards of debris.

When to Hire a Junk Removal Company:

  • You want someone to do the heavy lifting for you
  • The job needs to be done quickly.
  • You only have a couple of large items that need to be removed.
  • You are willing to pay someone to remove your junk from a central area.

Cost of Renting a Dumpster vs. a Junk Removal Service

The cost will depend on several factors including your location, the volume of the debris, the duration of the project, and other things. Junk removal services often cost more since you need to pay for labor.

The exception to this is smaller cleanout projects such as removing a refrigerator. For example :

You are looking to get rid of an old couch and some smaller boxes. The dumpster rental company will charge you $250 for a 10-yard dumpster, and the junk removal service will charge $125 to remove these items. In this case, they cost less.

You do not have enough items for the volume of the dumpster. The dumpster is cost-effective for larger projects.

Junk Removal Coquitlam There are some costs associated with using these company. They are national averages to give you an idea of what the services will costs. The cost will depend on your location, additional fees for disposal, permits, and project details.

Average Dumpster Rental fees:

  • The 10-yard dumpster is $277
  • The 20-yard dumpster is $360
  • The 30-yard dumpster is $450
  • The 40-yard dumpster is $490

Junk Removal Service fees:

  • The minimum charge ranges between $50 and $125
  • Household junk $200
  • Construction debris: $300 to $330
  • Yard waste: $250

The cost is higher in big cities, and the distance the company has to travel will affect the price as well.

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A Hard Working Junk removal Company Teaches a Scammer A lesson!

A potential Customer turns Scammer, Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal Gets the upper hand!

Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal Prides itself on working hard and being honest to all its customers. Our Reviews Prove it!  But when a potential customer tries to scam us, we thought it would be fun to teach them a little lesson.  Below is email correspondence.


​Big Phil













Some Tips For The Best Junk Removal Process – Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal Langley


Is there a lot of furniture and junk sitting around your house that you don’t use anymore? It seems like getting rid of your old furniture and trash isn’t going to be a big deal? That’s until you have to move it. We’ve all been there with good intentions, however, as we start our junk removal process, the task as we find out can be somewhat strenuous. Furniture can be substantial, awkward, and can cause damage if not moved correctly. Here are some tips that will help you with getting rid of your junk.

Sell Your Furniture or Junk

When it comes to junk? “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Your junk may still hold some value, and if your furniture is in fair shape, you can resell it and get rid of your problem. You can run an ad on Craigslist or Kijiji for free that targets your local area and even some local newspapers offer free ad placement if you can write it within a maximum number of words they allow for junk removal. You can have a yard/garage sale to get rid of your junk, but you may not get the full resell value. Typically yard/garage sales are intended to keep the prices low to ensure you get rid of your junk. The best part about selling it this way is, when a buyer shows up, they usually have a truck and a helper to load the item. Which means in most cases you don’t have to lift a finger.

Hire a Professional Junk Removal Process

Hiring a professional removal company is the best and fastest way to get rid of the items you want to go. It doesn’t matter whether it’s large, extremely heavy, old, and nasty. A professional junk removal company will be accustomed to any situation you may have, and they will dispose of the junk at local landfills or other recycling facilities. You don’t have to do anything but show them what you want to be moved. It’s just like that commercial where the homeowner just points while the removal man is standing next to them, they look and presto it just magically disappears? If things were that easy, we wouldn’t need to do anything but the point. However, life doesn’t work that. This is about as close as you’re going to get to a magic wand.

Donate Your Used Furniture

Your furniture is old, and you don’t like it anymore? You can donate it to the Goodwill, Salvation Army or any thrift shops in town that take donations for the less fortunate. Most of the time they’ll take it off your hands if it’s not all ripped up, stained, or broken. Unlike a junk removal company taking it away for you, you’ll have to figure out a way to deliver it to them. They do not make house runs.

Call an Antiquities Dealer

Is your used furniture is old but in excellent shape? Are you thinking about changing the piece out for something different? An Antique store may be a good option for you. A unique way to market your furniture to an antiquities dealer is to have a story that goes along with the piece with some photos. Nowadays everything is done on Smartphones so just snap a few pics and send an email. If the Antiquities dealer is interested, he will make arrangements to came and picked it up.

Gift it to Friends or Family

A lot of furniture is passed down through generations of families and has some great stories to go with them. They’ve been in the family for years, and no one wants to get rid of Grandma’s personal effects, so they pass them on to someone else in the family. Most times a little white lie about your reasons can make the recipient feel like they just hit the lottery. Play your cards right, and you can alleviate your junk removal process with this trickery.

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How To Turn Junk into Cash – Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal Coquitlam


There are many ideas you could try to turn junk into cash, but there are two that are most preferred that you might want to know about. The first option is hiring an established junk removal company to help you with the whole process. In this case, the junk remover gives you an estimate, and the advantage is that they always show up on time and their service is efficient and quick.

You could also try the second option, which includes inspecting your junk before you throw what is not needed away. With this method, you will discover that you have treasure troves that lay in your garbage that could turn into money. Although it may take more time to separate what is valuable from the junk, this method does not require any investment, and you get to keep all the proceeds you get.

Upload sorted items on Craigslist

Craigslist or Kijiji is your go-to platform when you want to sell old items, so when you sort out junk and separate valuable items from trash, your next action should be posting the items on Craigslist or Kijiji. Share photos of the items and choose the categories under which they fall to increase chances of people coming across them. There are many other online platforms where you can sell your old items, but Craigslist or Kijiji tends to be a better choice as users there know what to expect and will not complain when you share old things you are selling.

Dispose of second-hand stores

Some stores deal in second-hand items that you can sell all the valuable things you separate from your trash. If you are working with junk haulers, most of them probably know where to take the items to get some payment. You should also strive to look for the best stores in your area that can accept your old items. To show you how much junk could be valuable, here are a couple of short stories you may find incredible.

Tiffany Mirror

On the T.V Show “Antique Roadshow”, a man bought an old mirror at mere $2 from a garage sale, and it later turned out the mirror was a genuine Tiffany mirror dating back to 1905 when Tiffany first came to business. The same mirror would later appraise at $35K, which was a rate of return that you can only think of as a joke.

In a similar case in Philadelphia in 2006 at a yard sale, a man who had bought a painting was shocked to discover that the piece was original work of art done by artist John Kenseth in the 19th century. It fetched $100K. Another Kenseth’s also sold at more than 300K, and the last price was never disclosed, which could mean it gave a tidy sum. These are among many other cases out there that include turning junk into cash, and serious money for that matter.

After you have separated your junk and collected your profit, contact Big Phil’ Rubbish Removal to haul away the remaining waste or more. Call us to at 778-771-4222

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What You Should Do If Tenants Left Junk Behind? – Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal Coquitlam


Most renters leave junk behind when relocating and this gives landlords a headache as they don’t know what to do with trash left. The following are some of the essential things you should do before you destroy the things they left behind.

The first thing you have to know is that whether the tenant left for good or he will come back. After establishing that the tenant left for good, you should communicate to them in writing that they are supposed to collect their stuff. You may write to them using the email they gave while they were renting and give them 24 hrs ultimatum upon its expiry you are free to get in and dispose of the stuff. This is vital as it will show that you communicated to them if they take you to court.

After elapse of 24hrs ultimatum, you should move in and make sure that the tenant has no entry to the house again. This can be caused by changing locks to make sure that they are locked out just in case they have a spare key. Then it is advisable that you record everything that was left behind for documentation and reference. You may do this by taking the pictures.

After doing that you have the rightful owner of the properties that were left behind. You are free to handle it as you wish. Mostly, landlords call evacuation companies like ours to come and clear the stuff so that the property can be rented again. When you contact Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal, we respond on time, and we do the best job.

Upon getting to the house, we separate the stuff into two. We divide stuff that is important and those which can be given as donations from stuff which are of no use. We put the right things at the front to ease the offloading at the donation center. It is, therefore, recommendable that you contact us next time your tenant leaves you with a mess to handle. We have helped others before, and we are sure to help you.

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Tips On Creating A Successful Garage Sale – Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal Langley


Most Americans on garage sale with the aim of making extra cash as side hustle as well as disposing of their un-useful commodities. The success of a garage sale lies in its plan. A good strategy means that the garage sale would be manageable. A successful garage sale makes up to $700 for the weekend. The figure may fluctuate depending on the amount of stuff you have. You can then use this cash as you wish, either to cover bills or to cater the other expenses. We have therefore analyzed the best tips to follow to have a well planned successful garage sale

1. Identify and collect the items that you want to sale

Gathering together the commodities you no longer use is the first step in succession planning. You should go through your belonging and get everything that is not important to you and those stuff that you no longer use and pile them together. This is important as it eliminates clutter from your house as well.

2. Record the amount you have gathered

The second step is recording in a list form all the commodities you have collected for sale. You can log on a piece of paper, or you can file electronically. It is also advisable that you include the price you intend to sell each commodity. Take note not to underprice or to overestimate.

3. Settle on a date that you will hold the sale

You have to pick a time when you will be free. You are also advised to select a date when clients are mostly available. Mostly, clients are open on weekends during the mornings and evening as this does not distract their schedule. It is therefore advisable that you settle on Friday and Saturday mornings as this will give you super profit.

4. Make the advertisement

This is the best step for any garage sale, but unfortunately, most people forgot or undermine it. For every business to succeed, there must be some advertisement. Advertisements tend to notify the clients about the commodities that you are selling so that they may budget on them. To have good results, you have to make advertisements days before the day you are selling. Remember to give all the information about the commodities and also give direction to your house in a simple way so that clients will quickly locate you. Don’t forget to give the exact date when you will be making a garage sale. You may put the advertisements on roadsides, social media or in print media. Remember to include all the information about the commodity you are selling.

5. Have a good customer service

Offering an excellent customer service makes your customers feel welcomed. This breaks the gap between you and the customers which can make them buy your commodity. Speaking nicely to clients can make them refer their friends to buy your merchandise which can lead to your success. The above are just some of the tips you have to follow to run a successful garage sale. If you still have left over after the sale, feel free to contact Big Phil’s Junk Rubbish Removal to haul away the rest. We also offer furniture removal services and much more.

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Spring Cleaning With Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal Langley


Getting motivated can be quite tricky at times. Especially when it comes to dealing with the smelly junk. But, Crank the music because spring has sprung and it’s time to get things done! Here are some productive tips and tricks to get ready for your junk disposal spring cleaning:

Soak up the sun

With winter finally gone and no more of that horrible cold snow. It feels great to soak up some vitamin D while drinking your coffee. Taking a few minutes in the morning to allow the sunshine on your face is an excellent reminder that the sunny days are here. Take as much time in the sun as you need to get the day started.

One room at a time

It may seem very productive at the moment. But, doing multiple places at the same can become overwhelming and stressful. Remind yourself to slow down because it’s not a competition and you don’t want to hurt yourself. So allow yourself enough time to make it happen. Select a room, and just get started. Once the room is completed, relax and credit yourself to acknowledge that you are done well. Then, when you’re ready, move on to the next area.

Purchase some flowers or a plant

It can be tough to keep plants alive, especially if you have a busy life with work, kids, and pets. So, flowers that are meant to have a short lifespan would be suggested. Or, even plants that don’t need much attention, this can add some liveliness to your home boosting your mood positively. There are many perks to having plants in your home including to help you think and focus.

Break it down into bite-sized chunks

Looking for a cluttered room and noticing a whole lot that needs to be completed can be unmotivating. How to resolve this is by breaking down each task within the room into smaller sections. Also, you can divide the room into quadrants. From there, pinpoint the smaller functions in each quadrant to be tackled. Create a list. As you and anyone else helping finish the portion of the list, cross them off. Before you know it, the room will be spic and span! Don’t forget to give yourself credit for the fantastic job done. We hope you have found some useful ideas or help motivate you to get started on your spring cleaning. Don’t let donation or dump trips slow you down in spring cleaning. Contact Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal for inside or outside junk. 778-771-4222

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